Sam Taylor Wood

Self Portrait Suspended Viii, 2004

Self Portrait Suspended, 2004
Bram Stoker's Chair II, 2005
Escape Artist, 2008


Self Portrait in a Single Breasted Suit with Hare, 2001

“Creating ambiguous orchestrated scenarios that focus on the extremes of human emotion, ranging from desire to anger, and loneliness to boredom, she presents enigmatic situations loaded with latent but explosive energy. Taylor-Wood’s frequent depiction of screen icons poses intriguing questions about identity and performance….

Testing our physical and emotional limits, Sam Taylor-Wood examines the vulnerability and fragility of the human body, addressing the major themes of life and death, and reflecting on our own mortality. Whilst contemporary in feel and presentation, her work references the symbolism of Dutch still life and Renaissance paintings. This exhibition consolidates Taylor-Wood as an artist whose work is magical, beguiling and constantly surprising.”

Excerpt from her 2006 exhibition at the Baltic.

While I do appreciate Sam Taylor Woods work, I can’t help feel like she can at times use her celebrity friends and connections as a crutch to support her as an artist. Would the images be as interesting if they were of unknown people? Or is the fact that they are Hollywood stars portrayed in such a vulnerable manor that elevates the emotion?

Laurence Fishburne, from the series, Crying Men, 2002
Piet, 2001
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